Sunday, August 21, 2011

After the storm comes beach

The storm passed by our area pretty quickly. Four hours of 25-40 knots of wind and our two anchors held us in place without any kind of problem. It was kind of a small storm after all and like Alex said; we've been through worse, and those times we were far from land and safe anchorages. The sun's now back here again and we're heading to the beach for some meditation time. Haven't slept much last night due to the screaming wind so a day on the beach is perfect.

By the way, as we don't moderate the comments ourselves any longer we don't get to see more than the comments that gets published here in the blog, but I just got the information that a few of you still insist on commenting anonymously. Please make sure to add your name to what you have to say, otherwise your comment/questions and wonderings won't go through. 

Have a great Sunday evening you all.