Thursday, August 25, 2011


Sorry for the lack of interesting updates lately, its just that we are so incredibly busy with all kinds of urgent things around here. If I only had the time to process all the photos from these past four weeks, I would love to share with you:

  • Pics from the week we spent with Alex family in St Vincent and Bequia

  • A story from our rainforest trekking in Dominica

  • All the wonderful photos from our day in the waterfalls and beyond in Pitons, St Lucia

  • Also I'd like to answer all the questions and emails we've received lately

  • Tell you more about our new boat

  • Add a FAQ section to the blog

But this we have no time for what so ever, as we're super busy here doing this:
  • Writing a long article for the worlds most stylish yachting magazine, deadline Monday

  • Snapping shots for several different photo assignments

  • Preparing the purchase list for the equipment we need for Duende

  • Ordering everything we need for the same

  • Preparing the new boat for further travels around the world

  • Dealing with new sponsors and partners

  • Answering the 20 most important emails in the list of hundreds

  • Answering questions for an interview

  • Also I'm trying to find some time to write on my book

So many projects and missions constantly going on in our lives, it never ends and being born restless, it really seems like we never can take a step back and chill down. Properly. We definitely have to work on this. One day. Maybe when we get to the Pacific?

And oh, somebody asked us why we have chosen to have someone else moderating the comments that we receive to this blog, and that's simply because out of thirty nice ones there's always one retard trying to annoy us and as you can understand, we have neither time nor space for that kind of bullshit. For the rest of you, you amazing people that send us normal comments, the ones that we actually do read and all of you who've been in touch with us by email and/or through our other social media sites, we love you all and appreciate that you take your time to talk to us. I just have to apologize that we have been late in responding some of the emails that we've received lately, we'll get better on this as soon as it chills down here a bit. I'm sure you know how much we love sharing this journey with y'all.

That's it for now, listen to this great track produced by Alex's brother in the meanwhile if you'd like.

We'll be back with you soon.