Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Car rental Europe: Hertz makes Lotus Evora available to market

Hertz will have the Lotus Evora for their key car rental markets in Europe springboarding from the success of the Evora in Italy last year. The move marks another partnership between Hertz and the Group Lotus which have been doing business since 2009.

The Lotus Evora will be the pack leader of the Adrenaline Range lineup of their Fun Collection offered for consumers in Spain, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

The Adrenaline Range available for both their US and European market features the best of the best in their garage. The cars under this group are the most exciting, fastes, and beautifully crafted just like the Lotus Evora.

The rental of the Lotus Evora gives travellers and sports car fanatics a chance to get behind the wheel of an award winning, innovative, eye candy, and performance vehicle like the Lotus Evora.

According to the spokesperson of the car rental company, Hertz is proud to offer a ride such as the Lotus Evora in Europe knowing that the car will provide a great experience for their clients. The Evora can be hired in Munich and Frankfurt airports, France’s Charles De Gaulle and Porte Maillot airports, Munich and Frankfurt aiports, Linate in Milan and Flumicin in Rome, and the Barcelona and Madrid airports.

Indeed the Lotus Evora is a welcome edition to the Hertz lineup and a great ride to the consumers looking for a luxury ride during their travels.