Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Celebrity Travel: Rihanna picks her New York City hotel

Rihanna recently performed in East Rutherford, New Jersey at the Izod Center and so the R&B superstar has been followed by eager fans and press to get their daily dose of the singer. Tabloids published pictures of Rihanna setting off from her Manhattan on her way to the function.

Pictures by the paparazzi often omit any information that might give out the exact hotel where the celebrity has been photographed. From time to time though, they give you a hint and sometimes like for the Rihanna’s NYC hotel of choice, the carpet gave it away.

Rihanna’s Manhattan hotel is no other than Gansevoort Park. The black beauty of New York City has been a popular hotel for celebrities since Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes blessed the rooftop pool off the Gansevoort Park with their presence.

Rihanna is having her Loud Tour that involves hopping to 29 cities with three nights of performance for her fans in East Rutherford in New Jersey, Uncasville in Connecticut, and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. It is not certain though if Rihanna will be stayed at the Gansevoort Park through out her East Coast tour.