Monday, August 8, 2011

Chimes Mall

Davao Chimes Mall

Davao Chimes Mall is an upscale shopping complex of the old Felcris Sales Branch located along Governor Sales Street, right at the very heart of the Davao City's Chinatown. It is widely known as a specialty mall that sells power brands and special luxury items that are not usually found in the mainstream malls of Davao City. Louis Vuitton, Coach, the posh Chimes Specialty Store and its department store, etc. are just some of the high end shops that sell designer watches, jewelries, accessories, and appliances. It is also home to famous restobars like Figaro, Banana Leaf Asian Café, Café Mediterranean Flavors of the Sun which serves mid-eastern cuisines, and other restaurants that offer southeast Asian cuisines from countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, India, Singapore, and Vietnam. French, Spanish, Italian, and African specialties are also available at Chimes Mall.

Chimes Supermarket

Wide and clean pathways

The Mall is well lighted at night

 Elite urbanized look at night

Cozy and homey ambiance

The facade looks especially charming at night when back-lighted signage and sidewalk lights illuminate the pathways which give Chimes Mall an elite urbanized look.

Inside Chimes Mall

Davao Chimes Mall is also home to famous restobars

More restobars

The Mall is located at the very heart of the Davao City's Chinatown

Shoppers from far-flung areas of Davao City and even those in the countryside travel all the way to Chimes Mall to shop and dine.

Davao Chimes Mall

Governor Sales Street, Davao City
Tel (082) 225-8997 and (082) 225-8998