Monday, August 29, 2011

D' Japanese Tunnel Family Resort

Entrance to D' Japanese Tunnel Family Resort with two statues of Japanese soldiers

Along the Diversion Road in Davao City, there is a Japanese tunnel that dates back during the World War II. The tunnel was carved out of the hilly section of Matina Balusong, west of the city by Davao Prisoners of War in 1942. The tunnel was used by the Japanese as a hide-out, and as a means of transporting their equipment and mobilizing their forces against the American liberating army. It was accidentally discovered by the owners of the land while constructing a hotel. They were excavating the area when they uncovered damp passageways and rooms underneath the land, and soon discovered that those were tunnels used by the Japanese soldiers during the war.

The owners decided then to name the place D’ Japanese Tunnel Family Resort, which is now a hotel, a restaurant, and has since become one of the major tourist attractions in Davao City.

Signage at the main entrance

Main Entrance

View of the Resort

Closer view of the Resort

The tunnel is about 300 meters deep, which ends at a blocked passageway, the other side of which is owned by a different owner. Inside the tunnel, visitors are met with several life-sized statues of Japanese soldiers, and Japanese women in traditional Kimono. One of the main attractions of the tunnel are what remained of the various vintage weaponry found during the discovery which are beautifully displayed inside the tunnel such as, machine guns, bombs, explosives, and several ammunition and bullets. Deeper into the tunnel are compartments of water bankers, and makeshift offices used by the Japanese soldiers, and a dungeon for the prisoners of war. There are several chapels as well, where replicas of a Golden Buddha and gold bars can be seen.  

Air conditioned rooms above the concrete inscription

The Tunnel

Several of these Japanese statues are found in different portions of the tunnel

Replica of a Japanese Golden Buddha

One of the chapels with a Golden Buddha

Japanese money during World War II

Outdoor Swimming Pool

The Resort is a three-storey hotel with a number of air-conditioned rooms suitable for families. It also has an outdoor swimming pool, and a restaurant that serves delectable Chinese, Filipino and Japanese dishes, including Western steaks. The menu offers a variety of these dishes that are reasonably priced. 

The Menu

There still remain quite a number of Japanese tunnels in Davao City, particularly in Ma-a and Mintal that are still intact today which used to run several kilometers and would crisscross and intersect at some points, but the inevitable rehabilitation of the city immediately after the war have destroyed much of these tunnels and were eventually lost in the pages of history. What remain of these tunnels became historical landmarks and a favorite destination of foreign and local tourists.

How to get to D' Japanese Tunnel Family Restaurant

Located near the end of the Diversion Road in Matina Balusong towards the junction of MacArthur Highway in Matina area, the Resort is easily accessible by public or private transportation,  and is only 20 minutes drive from downtown city proper.