Wednesday, August 3, 2011

European Shore Excursions: A Big Hit!

Back in February I wrote about Viator’s new focus on shore excursions for cruise passengers, pointing out the numerous good reasons to look further than your cruise line’s own offerings. Since then we’ve added a range of new excursions around popular European ports that are already proving to be big hits.
Cruise Ship, Italy
Viator's shore excursions can turn a great cruise into a best-ever vacation...
And no wonder! Customers report that our excursions are often 40-50% less expensive than a comparable cruise line offering. And the experience is certainly different: smaller groups and private tours are a world apart from the economy class experience that the cruise lines offer to their “captive market,” and the Viator excursions include all the luxe trimmings — like off the beaten path itineraries and skip-the-line access — that afford bragging rights back on the ship!
Here’s the sort of review we’re seeing a lot of for these European shore excursions. This one is for the Naples Shore Excursion Private Tour, which takes in Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi and Ravello from the port of Naples:
This is a must see area of Italy! The driver was absolutely fantastic. He knew so much about the area & explained everything but wasn’t too intrusive. We had plenty of time to explore all of the areas on our own. Also important to note, the areas that he was able to take us to were cut off from the “tour buses”. So, we got to see things we never would have if we’d booked a group trip. We’ve rented cars ourselves & toured extensively through Europe. However, don’t even think about it in this area! Parking would be impossible. Car was extremely clean & comfortable. Would highly recommend this to any of our closest friends! (Raul I)
The lovely coastal town of Positano, Italy, a stop on the Naples Shore Excursion Private Tour
Viator now offers brilliant shore excursions in all the most popular ports, with new offerings this year in Barcelona, Florence, Istanbul, Athens and the French Riviera. Compare our offerings to your cruise line’s range and we think you’ll see why our customers are so happy: lower prices, a more personalised tour experience and Viator’s worry-free guarantee are just some of the reasons. Give us a try on your next cruise – you’ll be happy you did!