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Gumamela Caverock Farm Resort

Gumamela Caverock  Farm Resort

Gumamela Cave Rock Farm Resort is a two-hectare mountain farm resort situated in a secluded, peaceful and tranquil farm in Purok 3, Barangay Matina Biao, Tugbok District, 21 kilometers away from Davao City. The land where the resort is situated is part of the Tolosa Family Estate which was occupied by the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII. The resort is a recreation and tourism  graded establishment which is bounded by a creek with accretions along the riverbanks, natural and well-preserved rain forest, waterfalls, springs and natural vegetation. It features a well-preserved World War II Japanese-made caves and foxholes, including various paintings and Bagobo-inspired sculptures. The world's tallest concrete Gumamela Sculpture made by artist Rey Mudjahid "Kublai" Millan can be found in the Resort, and is also one of the main attractions. 

Signage of the Resort

Natural short waterfalls

Natural short waterfalls

One of the WW II Japanese-made caves and foxholes

Lush floras and faunas

Wide and clean pathways

Bagobo-inspired Sculptures are common sights in the Resort

The world's tallest concrete Gumamela Sculpture 
made by artist Rey Mudjahid "Kublai" Millan

The Resort offers facilities and amenities, such as a man-made and mud-painted Poolside Caverock (artificial caves and rocks) shower rooms and toilets, a spa-swimming pool, wedding and conference facilities, sports facilities such as billiard, table tennis, darts, mountain bikes etc., a restaurant and bar, traditional heritage cottages in modern-native design, various hybrid hibiscus (gumamela) plants of centennial series, millennium, and celebrity series from the University of the Philippine Institute of Plant Breeding and other ornamental plants.

It offers a wide range of nature-based activities like hiking, trekking, mountain bike tours, short waterfalls trekking, Japanese cave exploration and other outdoor activities.

Man-made and mud-painted Poolside Caverock shower room and toilet

Entrance to the Poolside Caverock

Spa-swimming pool

The Spa-swimming pool consists of 57,000 gallons of deep-well mineral rich water naturally heated by the pool's sandstone bed and walls. The sandstone generates a natural thermal conductivity that heats to the pool water which has been proven beneficial to health. The nature's three most powerful relieving agents: heat, water and air, invigorates and gently massages the body while easing away body aches and pains.

Pavilion for seminars and conferences

Billiard Hall

Lola Atang's Restaurant

Inside the restaurant which is also a bar

The breeze in the farm resort is particularly refreshing. The resort has six traditional heritage cottages in modern native design, and two bamboo cottages in between fruit trees, with private verandas . The cottages are well crafted with different ceiling and bathroom designs made by local artisans in varying colors and with modern furniture and fixtures.The bathrooms are well-appointed with varied walls and floor designs, and a LED shower system with multi-directional nozzles.

Cellphone signal repeaters and boosters are available at the resort with mobile broadband signals.

Bamboo Cottage

Pool View Cottage I (Family Room)

Inside the Family Room with three beds

Toilet and Bathroom

Traditional heritage cottage

Pathway to the cottages

How to get to Gumamela Caverock Farm Resort

Gumamela Caverock Farm Resort is only 20 to 30 minutes from downtown Davao City, and is easily accessible by private and public vehicles. Public Utility Vehicles and motorcycle rides going to the resort are available at Mintal Public Market Terminal across the Network Bank.

Map to Gumamela Caverock  Farm Resort

Contact Information

Gumamela Caverock  Farm Resort
Purok 3 Tolosa, Barangay Matina Biao, Tugbok, Davao City
Tels  (082) 284-1165 and (082) 271-7837
Cells 0917-705-6418 and 0939-402-5585

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