Monday, August 29, 2011

Hey Randy, you forgot your cap!

Les Voiles de St Tropez
Did you know that the previous owner of this beauty of a boat that we're now busy preparing for a circumnavigation was D Randy West? Yes, the professional racing sailor, multihull captain and author of the famous Hurricane Book. Randy is very well known here in the West Indies, particularly on our favorite island St Barts where he lived for over 30 years, with Duende for some of them. Alex and I had the chance to meet this crazy entertaining man a couple of weeks ago and boy did he have some interesting stories to tell. Look out for more of them in his upcoming new book. I'd also like to suggest you to check out his very amusing first: The Hurricane Book, that's 18 stories from the 18 hurricanes he has survived, all told in a very humorous and informative way.