Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Indonesia: 5 Reasons You Won’t Leave Kuta Any Time Soon

There is a reason Kuta district is Bali’s most popular destination among young travelers these days. It has some of the best waves in the Eastern hemisphere, a terrific nightlife, has an unparalleled and unique scenic beauty… oh, and it is totally affordable.
Ready to surf the Waves of Kuta
Ready to surf the Waves of Kuta
Located in southern Indonesia, Kuta, and its five plus kilometers of white, sandy beachfronts, has quickly emerged in just 10 years as a favorite of Indonesia-going backpackers, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Below are five reasons that once you get to Kuta, you may very well be spending the rest of your break there.

Surfing, Surfing, and more Surfing

Year round since the early 1970’s, the beaches of Kuta jolt to life with seasoned surfers, and with a lack of obstacles along the lengthy beachfront to deter beginners, the location has become a well-known haven for the sport. Although it seems the surfing pros have moved on to other things, the area is also known to have beginner- and intermediate-friendly waves, making it a choice destination for those in that weight class; and now, complete with its own affordable professional surfing academy, and convenient guesthouses, who could resist at least giving it a try?

Spa Days

Kuta is well-known as a resort town, between the fabulous beaches and nightlife to keep you busy throughout the day, you may need to take some time to pamper the mind and body. With a plethora of wonderful options to choose from, you are in luck.
There are a number of spas located within close proximity to the town center. Although the quality of services can vary a bit, they tend to be very light on the wallet, so one cannot be too disappointed. It is recommended that you have a look around town to find the kind of package you are looking for, and to follow hear-say, but amongst some of the more well-known are Dupa Spa and Amoaras Spa. Also keep in mind that many hotels are affiliated with certain spas and offer deals, if they don’t already have a spa in-house.

Enjoying Natural Springs

Another popular spa, called Banjar Hot Springs, is a relaxingly hot and calm spring nestled within a tropical forest north of Kuta. The heat is mainly concentrated in a smaller pool, but opens up into a refreshingly cool, larger pool, where you can swim to your hearts delight. This particular spring is located a little less than an hour from the main part of town, but is well worth the visit.
This is a very popular destination amongst backpackers, so for a taste of serenity, try and arrive early enough to avoid the tourist crunch.
Sunset on Kuta Beach
Sunset on Kuta Beach

Sunset and Nightlife

One of the most romantic things to see in Kuta is its famous sunset. There is little more that can be expressed in words than by simply enjoying an exotic country with a loved one and watching the sun subside over the beachside horizon with the breeze kicking at her skirt. Once the sun comes down over the backpacker hub however, howling begins to emanate from the popping bar and club scene, beckoning even the most stringent romantic. Kuta is a place where you let your hair down.
Head down to Poppies Lane II to begin your evening with a selection of more relaxed atmosphere bars and restaurants. Once the night picks up, the scene tends to move to Jalan Legian, the most popular area of the Kuta expat nightlife. Equipped with both large bars and clubs that stay open until 4 am, these places offer a range of low-cost, high-punch drinks that should to be managed responsibly.
For a more tamed atmosphere you can head beachside, where there is a nice choice of bars, eateries, restaurants and lounges to fit a more stylish taste. Although these places tend to be a little more expensive, they are worth the price of an elegant evening on the beach.