Friday, August 12, 2011

Lalbagh Flower Show - August 2011

Every year in the month of January and August, the Lalbagh Gardens at Bangalore hosts Flower Show. If in Bangalore around this time one should not miss the event.

In the month of August, it is usually organized for 10 days from August 6th to 15th. The theme for this year is Lotus Temple in Delhi which is celebrating its 25th year. It is created with white carnations and white roses.

Other main attraction is Indian Flag creatd using 4.5Kg of rice on the occasion of 64th Independence day of India.

There were variety of flowers on display. Each flower had every color in them show cased. Some of the attractions were Rose, Phol, Carnation, Lily, Antirrhinum, Candytuft, Statice.

Every day thousands people enjoy the beauty of these flowers on display. It is mostly crowded in the evening on the weekdays. Best time to be in this place is the early afternoon. I had been here on the weekend afternoon. Even though it was crowded I had enough space to take some snaps.

Very minimal entrance fee is charged for the show. No charges for camera.

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