When budget is not one of your concerns while having your Las Vegas holiday, burning a portion of your bank account can help you make most of Las Vegas. We line up a few things that you must do if you have a short weekend get away in Las Vegas. Make sure you at least try a celebrity restaurant in Vegas and also make sure you wake up early everyday to make most out of your Sin City holiday.
Here are some things you can do and places where you can throw your money around:
Sports Car
If you want to do it like the high rollers, you need to get an exotic or sports car in Las Vegas. Zoom across desert highways and roll down the strip on a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or whatever luxury car brand you fancy. You can rent your dream car in Las Vegas fo around $3K to $5K for around three days.
Hardwood Suite at The Palms
If you are thinking of luxury and you just want to spend to impress or spend to pamper yourself, you can get luxury accommodation at the Palms. They have the Playboy Suite which will cost you around $40,000 a night and of course with that kind of spending, you will not just get a pillow and a bed to rest your tired body.
Another great setup will be to get their Hardwood Suite which is a 10,000 square feet luxury Las Vegas accommodation giving you two floors that even has an indoor basketball court. You will also have a locker room, big high definition TVs, and a well equipped dining area. You can also get a jersey and cheerleaders. Yes, you read that right, your own cheering squad.
Restaurant Guy Savoy
If you want some fine dining experience, one of the best that you can find in the world is the Restaurant Guy Savoy. There is really no need to checkout the menu. Just order their ten course prestige menu. This will give you sea bass, truffle soup, foie gras, oysters, roasted veal, langoustines, and other seasonal delights. It’s around $300 per head without the wine yet.
Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club
This will be carnal exploration at its best with around 70,000 square feet and three floors where you can party and meet interesting people. The place has its aerial catwalk made of glass, a lot of choices for VIP rooms, a roof deck, and an adult store. If you will be in here, you might want to turn off your mobile phone.
Bouchon Bakery
If you are spending a weekend in Vegas, you might be tempted not to get up early. But make most of the time and head to Bouchon at the Venitian for a good breakfast to start your day. Order a cup of hot coffee and feast on the croissants, chocolate ecclairs, or lemon tart.