Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New museums: Two free admission museums open in the UK

If you are in a new city and really excited to see everything the travel guidebook tells you, then all of a sudden the weather goes crazy making it impossible for the lunch on the terrace or the walking tour. Times like this? You go to the museums of course and appreciate all there is from art, history, or any fascinating stuff. In case you are in the United Kingdom, there are newly opened museums that you can go to for free:
Museum of Liverpool
Around 13,000 visitors went to see this museum when it opened last month and you will not imagine all of them fitting in this building in Liverpool. The museum spotlights the contribution of Liverpool and its people to the world. You can find everything from history, nautical heritage, and the pop culture. There are Beatles memorabilia, totem pole, Ford Anglia, and stuff about steam locomotive.
National Museum of Scotland
The national museum in Scotland is not really a new museum but it has gone through a renovation that involved £47.4 million. And when you hear a spending like that, then there must be something great that has been done. Now you have culture exhibits, sciences and humanities in one place.
It has around 16 new galleries and tons and tons of artifacts pointing back to Scots and the history of Scotland. It is amazing to see a steam engine that is still working, a long feast bowl, gyroplane, and jaw of a whale.