Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A New Theater at Kanas Lake

It seems as though one of Xinjiang’s most popular tourist destinations is about to get a makeover. Kanas Lake, located in the northern tip of the Xinjiang province, is known by most people for its incredible natural beauty and a “Loch Ness”-like monster, but it might soon be home to a majestic new theater as well.
A view of the Kanas Theater close up in Xinjiang, China

While most Xinjiang news sites have remained silent about the project, the Kanas government website has alluded to the building of a cultural art center many times and Broadway Malyan, the company that was commissioned to design the building, claims that construction is slated to start in May of this year.
The multi-purpose theater will have 1,200 seats – significantly less than the 2,340 seats the government first planned but probably still more than they’ll need. Opera, dances, and cultural theater are expected to entertain the growing number of tourist that continue to flock to Kanas Lake.
If you are going to travel to Xinjiang this summer and might take a trip to Kanas Lake, check out the site and let me know if construction has actually begun. Below are pictures of what it should look like and feel free to leave comments sharing your opinion on this new addition to the Kanas tourism offering.
Inside the new Kanas Theater in Xinjiang, China
Kanas Theater Foyer in Xinjiang, China
A reverse view of the new Kanas Theater in Xinjiang, China