Monday, August 8, 2011


Nihonshu 日本酒, or sake as most people know it, is found in most bars and restaurants in Japan.
I generally lean towards atsukan 熱燗 which is hot sake but last night at Sushi in Shibuya I went for the cold stuff, served in a masu which is a wooden, box-like cup.
Whenever it’s served in a masu it’s also accompanied with a saucer underneath as it’s tradition to overfill the cup, great value for money.
As you can see it’s necessary to get you head right into the cup to kick things off, some salt placed on the corner first makes for a tasty sip.
Nihonshu is not all that strong, this was about 17%, it’s gets things though going that’s for sure … and things went downhill considerably as the night progressed, lucky i didn`t have to get up for work today.