Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oslo Travel: Travellers advised to avoid center of Oslo as court trial starts

Travellers and tourists in Norway are advised not to visit the center of Oslo as the investigation of the explosion last Friday continues.

Anders Breivik is said to might have detonated a bomb in the city’s government district before launching another attack in Utoya Island, 40 km west of Oslo, where a youth camp was being conducted.

Seven are confirmed dead to due to the car bomb in Oslo and around 85 or more have been killed during the shooting spree which lasted for two hours.

The office of the prime minister, finance, and petroleum were badly damaged during the blast. Authorities have put the police force on heightened alert after the attacks. The UK and other countries have issued travel advisories warning their citizens of the high terrorism threat in Oslo.

Public transport facilities are operating as usual except in the government district.

The perpetrator of the bombing and shooting, Anders Behring Breivik admitted that the carried out the attacks but authorities want to find out if he has others in his network who helped him. Breivik is being linked to rightist political groups. The government of Norway considers the recent attacks as worst since the World War II.

The car bomb targeted buildings occupied mostly by the governing party. The Utoya island youth camp was also being conducted by the Labor Party.

Breivik may face at least 21 years behind bars if convicted. His sentence can be extended if he is considered as a big threat to the public.