Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Peninsula Shanghai offers Chinese Valentine packages

Did you miss your chance last February to show how you feel through chocolates, flowers, and dinner date? If you are looking for a good chance, who would have thought there is another date for Valentine’s that is Chinese Valentine’s day that is which falls on 06 August this year.
In case you are in China, there are also great deals with Peninsula Shanghai so you will not have any excuse to be romantic.
One Chinese Valentine package will set you up for a 5-course dinner that comes with a bottle of champagne at the 13th floor restaurant of Peninsula Shanghai with a great view of the river and the cityscape. This dinner will set you back $200 a person.
If you are not worried about budget for your Shanghai holiday and Chinese Valentine, you can splurge as much as you want to give you and your partner a Prestige Valentine’s Day Package for $4,160. The luxury Valentine’s package includes a Rolls-Royce limo ride, private room at their Sir Elly’s restaurant, 8-course dinner the couple, and a souvenir photo with the river and Pudong in the background. After the treat, you will have a River Suite to retire to and enjoy for the night plus a bottle of good champagne. Breakfast for the next day is also included.