Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pennsylvania Hotel New York Map

The Hotel Pennsylvania is a hotel amid at 401 7th Avenue in Manhattan, beyond the artery from Pennsylvania Station and Madison Square Garden in New York City.
Pennsylvania Hotel New York Map Picture
Reviews History
The Hotel Pennsylvania was congenital by the Pennsylvania Railroad and operated by Ellsworth Statler. It opened on January 25, 1919 and was advised by the close of McKim, Mead & White, which aswell advised the aboriginal columned adaptation of Pennsylvania Base amid beyond the street. (The old Pennsylvania Base was razed in 1963 to accomplish allowance for Madison Square Garden and the redeveloped below-ground base in use today). Statler Hotels, which had managed the Pennsylvania back its construction, acquired the acreage absolute in 1948 and renamed it the Hotel Statler. Following the auction of all 17 Statler hotels to Conrad Hilton in 1954, the hotel became The Statler Hilton. It operated beneath this name until the aboriginal 1980s, if Hilton awash the hotel. It was renamed The New York Statler for a abrupt aeon and was operated by Dunfey hotels, a analysis of Aer Lingus. It was again purchased in 1984 by the Penta Hotels chain, a joint-venture of British Airways, Lufthansa and Swissair, acceptable The New York Penta. In 1992 Penta went out of business and the hotel alternate to its aboriginal name, Hotel Pennsylvania.
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