Who would have thought the the most expensive and biggest ship cruising our oceans will fail a sanitation evaluation with dirty water and cockroaches on board. The governing agency responsible fo vessel sanitation and disease control in the United States tagged Queen Mary 2 as filthy not only once but five times after failing the set standards of the industry.
The biggest ocean liner in the globe received a mark of 84 which is considered poor and unsatisfactory during a recent evaluation. Ships must get higher than 86 to be considered satisfactory. Inspectors found four fruit flies and four cockroaches in the storage room of the vessel.
Other factors considered for the low mark are dirty tilling and water in the swimming pool of the ship, chemical storage near utensils, found human hair on their ice machine, and residue of food on some surfaces.
According to Cunard Line, the operator of Queen Mary 2, the unsatisfactory rating was very unusual since the ship has been getting a grade higher than 95 in the past. According to a spokesperson, the poor grade was only due to a small area of the ship. They reiterated that all the issues have been addressed.