Monday, August 1, 2011

Top 10 "adult only" Family vacation spots for 2010

1. Hedonism II - Negril, Jamaica
The king daddy of them all, Hedo II! Located in Negril this party resort has been pleaseing customers for over 20 years. It has one of the highest return rates of hotel guests in all of the world. People must be going back for a reason. It's got a "prude" and a "nude" side yet all who go coexist in Hedonistic harmony.
Check them out at: Super Clubs - Hedo II

2. Paya Bay Resort - Roatan, Honduras
In the mood to snorkel in the buff? Go right ahead here in Beautiful Rotan Honduras at Paya Bay Resort. Home to some of the best beach coral snorkeling in the world and some of the friendliest people too this resort will have you coming back for more. Check them out at: Paya Bay Resort

3. Sea Mountain Inn - Desert Palm Springs, California
This notorious SoCal spa is famous for being Hedonism-like but here in the states! With some of the coolest staff in the nation this resort keeps a drink in your hand at all times. Enjoy the hot spring feed pools in the desert sunshine. Check them out at: Sea Mountain Inn

4. Caliente Caribe Resort - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Caliente Caribe is located on the beautiful island of Hispaniola in the Dominican Republic. The entire resort is clothing opiotnal so feel free to be as nude as you want, anywhere/anytime. It's an exceptionally clean resort with amazing views. Check them out at: Caliente Resorts

5. Marrero's Guest Mansion - Key West, Florida
Marrero's is a 100 plus year old bed and breakfast in wonderful Key West, Florida. Small and inattentive this B&B features a clothing optional pool and daily happy hour. Plus being in Key West you're in walking distance to many amazing restaurants and clubs. Check them out at: Marreros Guest Mansion

6. Beach Club 25 at the Stratosphere - Las Vegas, NV
Not so much of a nude resort as a topless pool located high above Las Vegas. Located in The Stratosphere, this pool is for adults only. Ladies get in free, guys - you gotta pony up $10 to get in on this naughty pool in the sky. Book a room at The Stratosphere and enjoy! Check them out at: Stratosphere hotel pool

(25 stories above Las Vegas)

7. Desire Resort and Spa - Riviera Maya, Mexico
Desires is known throughout the traveling community as one fun place. It's for couples only and it's very very nude. You might run into some couples that are looking for more than just sunshine and drinks, it's just that type of place. Check them out at: Desires Cancun

8. Caliente Resort - Tampa, Florida
Tampa Bay is the land of nude resorts in America. Why, no clue. But if you want a nice resort that you can either buy a condo in or just visit for the night this could be your destination. People rave about the  cleanliness and food. Check them out at: Caliente Resorts - Tampa

9. Mi Amor - Guacimo, Costa Rica
Not much is known about this small start up in amazing Costa Rica other than the fact that you can get "all natural" in nature. So why is this in my top ten? Sometimes a new adventure is just what the doctor ordered! Small and quaint this resort is not a place to go to meet 50 other couples. Check them out at: Mi Amor Resort

10. Garden of Eden resort - Private Island off Bocas del Toro, Panama
Here's a new happening opening of a resort located on one of the 200 islands that make up Bocas del Toro. Getting to the Island is a trip, you either fly in to Bocas and take a boat or boat in from Almirante and take another boat or water taxi. Once there enjoy this very private, very intimate gem. Check them out at: Garden of Eden