Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Top 12 best bike routes in the world

If you love exploring places while riding a bicycle,, then read on as we try to take you to the best biking destinations across the globe:
Isle of Wight in England
This island in the United Kingdom is a paradise for bikers. You will have a good variety of terrain and spectacular views. You can take your two wheels thru narrow lanes with manicured hedgerows, deep green gullies, and ridges. Bikers have known the Isle of Wight for sometime now but recently young Londoners have also flocked to the place for romantic escapes over the weekend.
La Route Verte in Canada
The Green Route as it is fondly called traverses Quebec from its east side to the west stretching for around 4,000 kilometers. It passes thru rural roads and selected rights-of-way. La Route Verte will give you no problems as road signs are everywhere and you can easily go to the most interest sites around the area. Along the different terrains you will see great vistas of the St. Lawrence River and the picturesque mountains.
West Coast in Tasmania, Australia
Tasmania does not boast of big pockets of wilderness but its untamed and untouched lands makes it a great biking destination. Cycling on the West Coast is not easy by any terms. You need to deal with one hill after another but the only reward for your tired legs will be the great scenery since you will be passing by Cradle Mountain, the coastal town of Strahan, the beautiful Lake St. Clair, and the Montezuma Falls considered as the highest waterfall in this corner of Australia.
Underground Railway Bike Route from USA to Canada
A group of adventure bikers developed this bike trail that takes you from Mobile in Alabama to Owen Sound in Ontario, Canada. The association developed the route to pay tribute to slaves who struggled for freedom back in the days. The bike route also features museums highlighting the African-American history, former slave markets, and the history of the area. The route has five segments which have a total distance of 3,310 kilometers.
Luberon to Mont Ventoux in Provence, France
Knowing it is in France already gives you a preview of a good rustic countrysides. Bike through a few hundred kilometers of bicycle paths that are well signed through hilly Luberon and be treated with a glimpse of Roman ruins and medieval chateaux. You will be tired but you will love the view of the wide spans of vineyards and villages as if they were lifted from a painting. It does not end there as both sides of the roads has fields of lavender as far as your eyes can see. The ultimate goal with this biking experience though is to get to the Mont Ventoux which has been witness to the greatness of the riders of the grueling Tour de France.
Ruta Austral in Chile
This bike route in Chile runs for about 1,300 kilometers and you have to deal with unpaved gravel. It stretches from the area of Puerto Montt then goes south through Caleta Yungay and heads up to northern Patagonia. You need to take some ferry transfers along the way. The landscape is breath taking as you will pass by Cerro Castillo and Queulat National Parks, native forest, and the Puyuhuapi Hot Springs with really big ferns around the area.

County Clare in Ireland
Bikers will begin their journey on the lowlands just by the Shannon estuary and pass by the beautiful beaches and to the Cliffs of Moher fronting the Atlantic. The next segment will bring you to the towns of Doolin and Milltown Malbay. If you decide to stop at these towns, be sure to enter the pubs only if you are ready to wait for the last song or the locals might be offended. Then you will be traversing the moon-like color of the Burren. Go thru Yeats then loop back thru County Clare.

Munda Biddi in Western Australia
In aboriginal language, Munda Biddi translates to road thru the forest. This bike trail goes thru a forest of eucalyptus trees. It is around 332 kilometers and was opened back in 2004 and there are two more cycling paths that can bring bikers to Albany. It will be a fun ride as you might encounter wallabies, brushtail possum, and gray kangaroos.
La Farola in Cuba
Cycling is exciting in Cuba and there is an exciting descent that you can find on La Farola Highway. You will start the nine kilometer roll from the Baracoa Mountains to the south coast. You will have enough adrenaline rush as the ride will be on a cliff with only guard rails as your divider between a joy ride and a hell ride. The mountain highway will bring you from one face of limestone down to the next with a beautiful ocean view in between. This road is also among the stages of Vuelta Ciclista Cuba or their version of Tour de France.
Cape Breton Island in Canada
This cycling road is well loved for the wonderful scenery framing the rocky coastlines, the Highlands of Cape Breton, and the clear waters of the Bras D’Or. Adventure bikers though would love the trail as the gentle hills turn to steep climbs and fast descents. You will also get a chance to see deers, moose, and beavers. The local culture is also pretty interesting. In short, Cape Breton is the real deal if you are looking for a good weekend get away with biking buddies or your family.
Hanoi thru Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam
Vietnam offers a great biking experience if you enjoy great beaches and exploring new destinations. The trail is about 1,200 kilometers long that will take you to the two major cities of the country, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, along long sandy coastlines. It will not be a ride in the park since the surfaces may vary and some may involve some considerable obstacles like the one in Hai Van Pass just point between the South and North Vietnam.
Otago Peninsula in New Zealand
When it comes to nature tripping, New Zealand may be one of the best destinations in the world. The Otago Peninsula of this country also offers a slice of paradise for those who love to ride their bikes. You’ll start pedaling in the town of Dunedin and will soon escape the urban landscape. The road will have its twists and turns amid the amazing views of the ocean. The next stage will involve a challenging climb where you will be meeting some albatross that call this place home.