Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Top 8 City Bus Tours worth taking

Some places are worth exploring by foot and there are destinations best seen from a bus. A tour of a city while riding a bus gives you a different perspective as the tour guide helps you frame in your imagination the beautiful scenery, the people going by their daily tasks, historical landmarks, and the diversity of the community.
We list down some of the top bus tours you can take:
Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm has earth friendly buses to help travellers go sightseeing. Tour the islands and check out the Old Town and its medieval structures. You will also see the royal palace and the famous cathedral. As you go north, look up and wait for spire which is actually the Town Hall where great men and women receive the much coveted Nobel Prize. The bus tour Stockholm usually has for its last stop the University hospital and a tour of the campus grounds.
Beijing, China
Take the bus tour that starts near the Xi Hai Lake that gives you a good look back at old Beijing thru its pagoda island and people trying to catch some fish in the lake. This Beijing bus tour will take you through the modern Beijing to Badaling which is the location of the most visited portion of the Great Wall of China. The Badaling Wall is around 7.5 meters high and around 6.5 meters wide. This portion of the wall is wide enough to let fiver horses side by side to pass thru it or ten soldiers shoulder to shoulder to patrol the area and defend against the barbarians.
Paris, France
The Paris bus tour will set off at the historic Porte d’Orleans where the tanks made their moves in 1944 to free the city. You pass by Luxembourg Gardens, Latin Quarter, across Seine, and the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Notice the Gothic structure of St. Jacques as you pass by the bus stop near Hotel de Ville. You will go past Pompidou Arts Center, and end the Paris tour by bus at Gare du Nord.
New York City
The bus tour NYC usually starts in Harlem, pass by Central Park, and then the Fifth Avenue. See the gigantic billboards as the bus brings you to Broadway , through the theater district, Greenwich Village and New York’s Little Italy as you move south. You will be dropped off at the Whitehall Terminal where you can take the Staten Island Ferry. Ready your digital camera for the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, and Manhattan.
Rome, Italy
Begin your journey at the bank of Tiber where you will see ancient baths. Be amazed with the Trevi Fountain, Forum, Collosseum, Capitoline, and the Circus Maximus where you will get the feel of all the glory and gore of the old Rome. Hop off the bus at the Ostiense to have some gelato and to get a short rest.
Madrid, Spain
The bus will set off from the Gateway of Europe or Puerta de Europa. You will then go by Columbus Square, and the statue of the local deity of fertility, Cybele riding chariots. You can explore the art galleries and the beautiful gardens before seeing the commercial center which reminds you of the reality.
Moscow, Russia
The Moscow bus tour kicks off at the Victory Park which is actually in commemoration of the Soviet campaigns during the second World War. You will then go thru another war landmark, a triumphal arch that celebrates the victory against Napoleon. You will not miss the University and the Hotel Ukraina which are actually part of Stalin’s skyscrapers called Seven Sisters in English. You will be seeing the Sparrow Hills and end the Moscow, Russia bus tour at the Kamenny Bridge from which you can view the majestic Cathedral of St. Basil at the Red Square.
London, England
Take the red bus at the Trafalgar Square then you will pass by the Strand and the Cathedral of St. Paul’s. Marvel at the Monument which is the highest stone column anywhere in the world. The city tour by bus will bring you to the Tower of London to end the day.