Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Travel Adventure: Best Mysterious destinations that you can explore

You might be tired of the usual get away where you will join groups, meet locals, bargain with hawkers, and take tons of photos. If you have the craving for adventure and plan to go to places with some sense of mystery, then by all means since you may be willing to explore in these out of this world destinations:
Hang Son Doong giant caves in Vietnam
These giant caves of Vietnam are burrowed into Annamite Mountains of Vietnam. The caves seem to be lifted from the imagination of fiction writers who gave us a graphical representation of the world when it was once ruled by dinosaurs.
The stalactites are gigantic hanging from a rocky terrain with ferns and moss, with chambers that are so big you can fit the Tribune Tower in Chicago inside.
This is not an adventure for everyone. Even experts were very careful when they mapped out the 2.5 mile river cave in the mountains.
The cavern Is also considered very dangerous for casual explorers. The Hang Son Doong forms part of a vast network of caves of the Phong Na National Park. Make sure you visit Phong Na or the Teeth Cave and the Tien Son cave which has very colorful stalagmites.
Sunken City of Yonaguni in Japan
Explorers once thought that the structures they found off the souther tip of Ryukkyu Islands in Japan was the City of Atlantis. The structures though that you find at around eighty two feet under water is the Yonaguni Monument with giant steps that lead up to the top of the the flat pyramid.
The megamonolith under the sea is said to have been made back in 10,000 BC but the numbers may even go back farther for those who believe that the Yonaguni was carved by nature. You can get to the sunken Yonaguni by boat and the dive does not require you to be a highly skilled diver.
You will be able to see the gigantic walls and staircases. You might also be able to squeeze into hallways and channels but most of these structures are home to underwater creatures like the clown fish, parrot fish, and hammerhead sharks.
The connection of the Yonaguni to Atlantis might be too far a shot but its discovery has led to renew the interest to search for the fabled lost continent of Mu in the Pacific.
Catacombs of Odessa in Ukraine
The Catacombs of Odessa is a labyrinth that may stretch for more than 1,500 miles. It is still unknown today where this catacombs in Ukraine actually end. Experts say that the structures is not really a network of ancient catacombs because no one was really buried there intentionally.
The Catacombs were actullay carved out of the limestone back in the nineteenth century for the stone buildings of Odessa. The passages were then used by forces of the Soviet resistance during the Second World War.
When you walk deep into the underground hallways, you will only have a few bulbs to light your way and you will be seeing skeletons of the unknown dead along the way. You will also come to see ammunition caches, secret storage rooms once used by smugglers, and there have been rumors that you will be able to see a model ship that was made from pure gold.
When you explore places like this one though, it is best to have utmost respect and leave everything undisturbed. The locals in the area believe that the Catacombs of Odessa is being watched over by a deity that will take revenge at someone who takes anything from the passages.
You really cannot go deep into the catacombs since the authorities only allow the public up the to the museum that showcases WWII equipment used by the Soviet forces. You will find the entrance of the Catacombs in the town of Nerubayske which is just up north Odessa. Do not be frustrated though since you can still book a private tour of the deeper networks of the catacombs off limits to the visiting public. During the tour, you will be guided and exploring with the a group of geology researchers. You cannot explore the passages on your own and you will understand why you will be needing the experts when you get there.
Mayan ruins at the Tikal National Park in Guatemala
It is still unknown why Tikal, a center of commerce and trade of the Mayan empire, was abandoned around the year 900. The part of the mighty civilization was eaten up again by the jungles of Guatemala. The forgotten structures included palaces, pyramid temples, and vast courtyards were only rediscovered in 1884 by accident.
Today, adventure lovers can go to this part of Guatemala and discover the mysteries of the thousands of Mayan structures found in Tikal. These structures were excavated by archaeologists but a lot more has to be rediscovered.
Some of the major structures include Mayan pyramids like the Jaguar Priest Temple linked by trails that lead you to the Tikal National Park.
Explorers and adventurers will also come face to face with Mayan petroglyphys and ancient altars. You will also get to see a court which is believed to be used for an ancient version of what we know today as soccer. The bad part of the old game though is that the losers end up as human sacrifice. You can also climb to the summit of Temple IV which is the highest point at the Mayan ruins so you can get an idea of how the community was organized before.
You can arrange to join a tour to the Tikal ruins. There are companies which can show you the Mayan site during a two day tour. But if you wan to go an adventure and see it on your own, discover Tikal on foot by taking a bus from Flores, Guatemala which will bring you to the national park where you can trace the ancient trails that will lead you to the Tikal Mayan ruins.
Llanganates National Park in Ecuador
This national park in Ecuador made up mostly of mountains and beautiful lakes span around 720,000 acres. It is also the place of the lost treasures of the Incas.
According to stories, Francisco Pizarro, conquistador, demanded a ridiculous amount of ransom in exchange of the nabbed emperor. The price was gold that would fill the prison cell of the emperor. The Incas gave in to the demand to free their leader but as they were crossing Llanganates, they received news that the emperor was already killed so the Incas had to hide the gold in one of the caves near the lake.
Ever since the story was made known, treasure hunters have tried to locate the massive treasure in the mountains but to no avail.
Well you might not be going to look for the treasure but the true gem of Llangates is its lush forest and the Amazon tributaries. In case by chance you find the lost Incan treasure, be warned since all treasure hunters who claimed to have found it, died.
Start your journey in Pillaro which is just forty five miles from one of the boundaries of the national park. You can also enjoy an eight day tour of the Llanganates that will follow the paths used by a Spanish soldier who married an Incan.