Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Travel Guide: Best Destinations in Norway

If you are planning to go on a holiday this July, Norway is among the best destinations for this month. The winter is over and the sun is starting to shine in Norway. Norway is among the most beautiful places on earth, and no one will contest that. The people of this country loves nature to their core.
Here are some of the best destinations in Norway:
Northern Lights
There is no guarantee if you will see the northern lights but if you are lucky enough, the aurora borealis is a phenomenal sight. White or green light curtains will be shifting, take forms, and dance in the air. The lights never fail to tickle anyone’s imagination.. It will be an unforgettable experience to see the northern lights.
Lofoten Islands
These islands appear to have razor sharp peaks against the clear skies. Lofoten Islands is a hiker’s paradise. The islands are connected by bridges so you can jump from one island to the next by car, bus, and ideally by bike.
This city has been reinventing itself to become the center of culture of Norway. You can find world class museums, art galleries, and a world renowned opera house. The government has been pouring in a lot of investments and efforts to transform the face of this city make it one of the most important place in Scandinavia.
Take a ferry and enjoy the twenty kilometer journey along the Unesco heritage site, the Geirangerfjord. It will be the nicest ferry ride of your life. You can take the ferry from Geiranger or you can also start off from Helleyslt. Do not forget to bring your digital camera as you will see a lot of great images to frame while cruising along the green waters and in between the cliffs.
Svalbard is really remote but is still accessible. It is considered as Europe’s good slice of the polar north and is among its last wildlife frontiers. In this corner of the globe, there is more polar bears than human residents.

Oslo-Bergen Railway
If you love train rides, do not miss the Oslo Bergen railway deemed as among the most beautiful train rides u can take in the world. You will see some of the best scenery of Norway. The train ride will take you through the forests of the southern portion of Norway then cruise down the rustic area of Voss and Bergen.
Around a century ago, this part of Norway was devastated by a big fire destroying most parts except for the church and jail. The town was redesigned and the old wooden buildings were changed mostly into stone structures designed by local architects who honed their skills in Germany. The buildings take the lines of art nouveau with structures using a lot of ornamentation such as gargoyles, spires, turrets, and local motifs.
Tromso is the most important city in northern Norway that does not deserve anything but superlatives. You will find here the northern most cathedral in the world, botanic garden, and tons of pubs and clubs. During the summer months, you cannot run out of things to do in Tromso round the clock.
Bryggen in Bergen depicts the picturesque coastal landscape of Norway dotted with mountains and fjords. Bergen is considered as one of the most beautiful European cities. It also boasts of a long history of trade and seafaring. Bryggen is also listed as a world heritage site by the Unesco. The wooden buildings here are now occupied by restaurants and chic boutiques.
Coastal ferry at Hurtigruten
This is another ferry ride you should not miss when you are in Norway. The Hurtigruten ferry ride takes passengers from Bergen to Kirkenes and back. It will take you thru fjords and villages that are rarely accessible via car or bus. You will also be crossing the arctic circle and head to the beautiful headlands. You will see the coastline of Norway in a matter of several days which will normally take months if done by land.