Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Travel Guide: Paris holiday in July

A Paris holiday in July can get pretty exciting. We remind you that tourism in the City of Lights is at its peak this month and their museums and other Paris best destinations can get pretty crowded. The locals though will most likely be having an exodus, having a vacation in Spain or the French Riviera. So July can be pretty nice for tourists and travelers while the locals get pretty claustrophobic of their beautiful city.
The weather in Paris will be around 15 degrees Celsius through 25 degrees Celsius so walking around the city will not be an issue. The sunny terraces are very inviting for those who want to enjoy a glass of drink. You may also be lucky to catch some items for your collections back home since there are a lot of good deals to grab during some Paris summer sales.
A Paris vacation in July is also perfect for discovering the Paris waterways and canals or maybe boating to go around the Seine. If you got a date or a special someone with you, set up a romantic dinner and make your stay very memorable.
Paris July Events
Foire Saint-Germain
This is a Paris festival held every July and has been part of the tradition of the Paris streets since the medieval time. There will be antique fairs, theater performances, poetry workshops, and concerts.
Bastille Day
This happens every 14 July marking the start of the French Revolution and commemorating the rich history of the country on its way to being a republic. The Bastille Day celebrations will include fireworks. There will also be the flamboyant Bad du 14 a dance party done on the eve of Bastille Day during which people wear elaborate costumes.
The celebration will also include a military parade that starts at the Arc de Triomphe thru the Champs-Elysees.
During this day, the gates of fire stations are open to be visited by the interested public. This has been a tradition and fire fighters hosts some dance and live demo of their skills. 
Paris Beachfront
Sthe Paris Plage was started back in 2002 and it has changed the landscape of a Parisian summer since. The objective of this tradition is to make summer vacation very accessible to the families who do not have the budget to go out of town. At the banks of Seine , there will be literally sand, lounging decks, palm trees, cafes, and amuse park attractions.
Cinema Festivals
Every July, people in Paris and travelers alike go to the Parc de la Villette to enjoy open air cinema. This year, the movies will run from July 19 thru August 21.More good news– the entrance is free.
July 2 is also the kick off of the Paris Cinema Festival that features the opus of the directors from all corners of earth.
There is also a series of film showing at the Cinematheque Francaise putting the spotlight on the works of Stanley Kubrick like Clockwork Orange, Dr. Strange Love, and 2001 A space Odyssey.
How to prepare for your Paris holiday
If you are going to Paris in July, the weather can be generally cool. There have been instances when the whole region though has been hit by heat waves. If you are a bit old and have known medical conditions, take all necessary precautions in case the temperature will spike. The rise usually happens before the end of July.
There is also a chance for heavy downpours and thunderstorms. The weather may get erratic when you visit Paris in July. You might want to have an umbrella with you just in case.
Make sure you bring comfortable footwear since any Paris vacation will involve lots of walking. You might want to bring open and close toe shoes so it will be easier to adapt to the weather condition.