Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Travel tip: Know where to park your car in Vilnius [with video]


If you are traveling to Lithuania, make sure you know where you should park your rental car in Vilnius. Recently a footage has gone around the internet and the press as the mayor of the capital city, Arturas Zuokas, leaves a strong message for everyone who doesn’t know where to park their vehicles.
In the video, Zuokas on a military armoured vehicle rolled over a Mercedes-Benz that is illegally parked and crushed it before greeting the owner.
The mayor emphatically warned everyone to park your car in the right spot, or else. The mayor then helped clear the shattered glasses of the Mercedes as it was towed away.
Great sense of humor we must say. And loud and clear message for everyone.
So remember, parking along the central streets of Vilnius is prohibited. It is not a big problem but the mayor knows how to implement the law. See how he did it in the video below: