A lot of people have amazing dreams but majority of us stumble in reaching those goals when we meet hardships along the way, such as the lack of funds. It might be your lifelong dream to travel across the globe doing things only a few or no one have done, or going to places no one has ever explored.
If you will be attempting an out of ordinary journey and you need some financial backing up, here are some helpful tips that may lead you to close a good travel sponsorship deal:
What’s in it for the sponsor
No one will just hand you a big sum of money because they just want to. You need to think how potential sponsors think. They need to get something out of your travel, expedition, or exploration. People or companies will sponsor you most likely for publicity. You need to prepare for your presentation well since they need to find out if people or their consumers will talk about you. Are you going to appear in the news, blogs, magazines, or newspapers?
If you think you can provide your sponsors enough exposure, then outline your proposal very well so they can see how they can benefit from this sponsorship. Elaborate your plan for the different media(paper, internet, broadcast, etc) and discuss with them how you can help each other.
Personal contacts
If you are planning to go on a unique journey and you need sponsorship, this is the time when you need to know who is in your network of friends or colleagues. Let everyone know of your unique idea and ask them if they might know of a company that can sponsor your travels. Make most of your connections since your personal contacts has a sense of concern to boot for whatever your endeavors are.
If you are doing something for charity then by all means make most out of it. It is indeed for a good cause so people will not hesitate to help out however they can. Your idea may be outlandish but it also makes it one in a million that can attract attention to yous sponsor’s brand. Just make sure that you clearly know the line for the portions of the fund going to your travel expenses and chunk of the fund going to charity. This way people will know that they are giving something for a good cause.