Going in a cruise can be pretty exciting but booking it as a solo traveler may be a daunting task for some. If you are cruising single, read on and we hope these tips can help you make most of you being single going on a cruise.

Single Cabins

Most cruise lines demand for double occupancy but as a solo traveller, you may want to look for companies that specifically cater to cruising single.

The Norwegian Epic of the Norwegian Cruise Line is popular for their Epic Studios which are designed for the solo traveler. Right now they offer 128 cabins for single occupancy but promised that they will be offering more with their next ships.

In the UK, Azura of P&O Cruises also offers cabins for solo travellers. They currently have 18 rooms offered for singles. Another company, Fred Olsen, offers around sixty suites and cabins for singles going on a cruise.

If you really cannot book a single cabin, your best choice is to get an inside cabin which has the cheapest of rates. This is the wisest choice instead of paying almost 200% for a double occupancy room to make it all yours for the cruise.

Single Supplements

Single supplements are fees implemented by cruise lines so they can recover the costs of putting a solo passenger in a cabin that is meant to be occupied by two travellers. If you are cruising single and on a limited budget, single supplements are a nightmare since they can double your cost of travel. Some big cruise lines even have other fees and port charges which you need to deal with. Smaller companies though save solo travellers a lot of money if you can book your trip early or allow for a more flexible schedule.

Crystal Cruises are easy going on their supplements with around 25% extra on ordinary rooms through 100% for the more classy suites. Norway based Hurtigruten also has lower supplements at around 25%.

Avalon Waterways which operates in Asia, Europe, Galapagos, and Egypt got rid of the extra fees this year so they’re also considered solo traveller friendly. Posh cruise line Silverse charges single supplement of at least 10% for selected cruises. Uniworld charges around 18% for their trips in Egypt, Asia, and Europe.

Roommate services

Not a lot of solo travellers opt to go for services to find you a roommate during a cruise but there are still companies who can assist you to find another traveller to avoid the hefty single supplements. When you use this services though you will be having a stranger in a room with you for the rest of the cruise. You can have them book you with cabin mates of the same sex or you can consider going for smoking or non-smoking options. Holland America and Princes Cruisers has this program but you need to book a few months in advance.

Aside from cruise lines, there are also specialty services that can pair you up with solo travellers. A nice company VacationsToGo.com where they guarantee you that they will find you a roommate or the supplement is on them.

If you do not want to travel with a total stranger in the cabin with you, try Cruisemates.com or Single Travel International which are online forums where you can find potential cabinmates.

Singles Sailing
Some companies are streamlining single cruising where they organize adventure trips, weeklong tours, and weekend getaways specifically designed for solo travelers. There can be group activities but you also get perks like singles only seating for dinner, happy hours, or farewell parties.

SingleCruise.com has been specializing on solo traveller cruising for quite a while now. They often organize their trips so it will have a 50-50 ratio for male and female passengers, have meet ices, and greets prior to boarding, roommate services, onboard events, and on shore excursions. VacationsToGo.com also provides good hosting for single travellers.

Themed Cruise

Book for a themed cruise and you will find mingling quite easier. Solo travelers will most likely have a common interest be the theme be ballroom dancing, jazz, sports, exotic or jazz. Although these are themed cruises, you will still have your privacy as a solo traveller if you want to go to the spa, play in the casino, or just enjoy dinner by yourself.

This October, Carnival Valor will have their Jazz SuperCruise where musicians will be on board and keep the beat up as you go from Miami to head off to Jamaica. , Conzumel, and Belize. Silversea has a culinary cruise that travels from Germany to London that will give you a chance to meet celebrity chefs, attend cooking demos, learn wine pairing, and shop at international markets.

Connect with fellow cruisers

If you are planning to stay solo in your cabin, you can connect with other single cruisers before shipping out. You can check the Facebook page of the cruise line and you can check posts of other singles travelling on the same ship or you can also do a shoutout and let them find you.

Cruisemates.com often have the iteneraries in their forums prior to the sail date so travelles can somehow interact before the cruise.

Cruice Critic has their Roll Calls which help passengers plan cocktail parties, dinners, or excursions. This site can even help you organize these activities if you are going on a cruise for more than a week. Cruise lines even provide free drinks and a meet up room for users of Cruise Critic.


It is fun meeting other people. Who knows you might not be single anymore after the cruise?

You need to break bread with other travellers and dine and share stories with them. Most cruise liners have their passengers choose a seat for dinners and you will be having meals with this group for the rest of the trip. You can go late with the seat reservation if you want to avoid families travelling with kids. In case you are not comfortable with the group that you are with, you can always request to transfer.

Cruise liners handle dinner seat arrangements differently. Some arrange them by your preferred dining location, organize them in groups of 8s or 10s, while some may invite singles to dine with the offices of the ship.

Do no miss cocktail parties and other social gatherings on board. There will be cocktail parties,sing alongs, and a lot more that can hook you up with people of the same interest. There can also be culinary classes, fitness trainings, or group games. Just advise the crew that you are travelling solo and they will be more than willing to help you with the introductions.

Another must not miss social opportunity will be the social excursions. Sightseeing activities often reveal thei natural warmth between cruisers who appreciate the beautiful scenery or enjoy a good activity. Make most of team activities like driving thru the deserts of Dubai, picnic lunches, or even dog sledding. Cut down on the alone time and make yourself shine and you will have the positive vibes to attract new friends once you get back on board.