Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Unique Hotels: 10 Airplane and Train hotels around the world

If you are tired of the high rise hotels or the rustic bed and breakfast, check out our list of some of the most unique hotels you can ever find. These are not your ordinary accommodations but these are train hotels and airplane hotels . Staying in them will definitely be an unforgettable experience. Here are some of the most unique hotels in the world:
Jumbo Stay in Arlanda, Sweden
Jumbo Stay is an airplane hotel, a 747 airliner to be exact, that has 75 beds in its 27 rooms. This retired jumbo jet was converted to a hostel that can make your sleeping in the cockpit dream come true.
Guests can choose from several types of airplane hotel accommodation like a budget dormitory, suite, and combo rooms. The shower and toilet are shared and aptly located along the corridors of the plane. The cockpit suite gives you a good view of the airport.
Controversy Tram in Hoogwoud, Netherlands
This former city tram was converted into a five room bed and breakfast hotel. These rail cars used to carry passengers in Germany and Amsterdam but the owners were able to convert them into hotel rooms with double bed, shower, toilet, and sink top.
Next to the tram is Controversy which is the house of the owners named after an album of Prince. It is pretty much a unique lifestyle for the couple who owns the bed and breakfast since they themselves sleep on a double decker from London installed with beds in their living rooms. Their kitchen was reinvented from a French van.
Around the house and the compound, you will see all sorts of motoring paraphernalia, cars, and even a Mig fighter jet.
Railholiday St.Germans in the UK
Railholiday is another family business that has made use of old railway carriages that have been restored and converted to affordable, self catering accommodation. The company that started this unique hotel started off with their Old Luggage Van restroration back in 1995 and then added to their service a Travelling Postal Office.
The owners gave the railroad carriages with different characters The historic Travelling Post Office is a 48 ft carriage that was built to serve the Great Western Railway back in 1889. This carriage was retired in 1934 and has been part of a residence in Wales. Today, the carriage can accommodate six guests that can sleep in bunk beds, sofa bed, and a double room.
The luggage van was commissioned to run for the LSWR or London and South Western Railway back in 1896. It was withdrawn from service in 1932.
Woodlyn Park in Waikoto, New Zealand
Woodlyn Park gives travelers several options if you want to experience a unique hotel experience. You can choose from a plane, train, or an underground accommodation. While you are at the park, learn about the crafts of New Zealand and also try a jet boat ride that will surely pump some adrenaline into your system.
When you get to Woodlyn Park, you have an option to stay in a Bristol Freighter airplane active in service during the 1950s. It was refurbished to serve as a unique motel unit giving you a chance to sleep in a plane which was among those used during the Vietnam war.
Another great train hotel experience will be the 1950s Waitomo Express that can house six guests in its three separate rooms. You have to do with a double bed, single beds, or a pull out couch.
Also in Woodlyn will be the Hobbit Underground hotel which has its own kitchen and bathroom facilities. The Middle Earth like motel can house two to ten people
If you want to stay in any of these unique hotels, we suggest that you recommend way in advance.
Old Station in Fife, Scotland
These railway in Scotland was converted to cater to the golfers frequenting St. Andrews. The self catering bed and breakfast train hotel has two luxury suites making use of the train itself and six more rooms in the linked cottage.

The carriage follows a colonial style interiors while the house follows different    themes for its rooms like Garden, Chinese, Scottish, and African themes. The walls of the rooms in the house are hand stenciled by local artists. The place is a perfect spot to unwind after a day of being outdoors. The owners aim to provide the excellent service similar to the big hotel brands but still retaining that hoe away from home ambiance.
Northern Rail Hotel in Minnesota, USA
This train car unique hotel was converted from rail wagons that used to carry goods. The hotel has 17 rooms to offer within the train cars which are connected by a walkway. You can go for a Conductor Suite that comes with a big bed, a living area, and simple amenities like a microwave and a refrigerator. They also have a simpler Porter Suite that comes with a sofa pull out and a queen bed.
If you are a fishing enthusiast, there is also a nearby lake where you can go fishing.
Winvian in Connecticut, USA
Winvian is a luxury resort that includes a helicopter theme. The property was once a farm until a design contest back in 2001 involved fifteen architects to construct 18 cottages and a suite.
Each of the cottage has a unique design ranging from Woodlands theme to a Camping setup, and a Helicopter cottage that makes use of a real Sikorsky chopper from the coast guard. The helicopter room is a tribute to the roots of the Sikorsky and it makes good use of the helicopter elements inside and out. The blades of the Sikorsky are embedded on the walls and ceiling of the unit plus you can still flick some switches and move the control columns of the chopper.
The rescue mission theme though takes a turn cause comfort elements have been added. You have a flat screen TV where you can enjoy the latest action films. The bed gives you a full view of the chopper as if you are someone needing some rescuing. There is also a spa nearby in case you need to relax those muscles.
Winvian is a great place but one downside is that you cannot bring your kids who are under 18 to enjoy their facilities.
Airplane Suite in Teuge, Netherlands
This unique airplane hotel was once the ride of choice for officials of the German government. The 40 meter long Ilyushin though was converted to a luxury suite for couples. It is designed for a romantic getaway with its own sauna, shower, Jacuzzi, and a whole entertainment package of flat screen, high definition TVs and Blu-ray. It also comes with a pantry where you can make some drinks or heat up some food.
The cockpit was not touched so the airplane fun you have always dreamed off is 100% preserved for the taking.
The converted airplane once flew the top dignitaries of the government. It was used as a commercial airline back in 1964 through 1986 flying passengers to China, Cuba, Vietnam, or Russia. After the unification of East and West Germany, the plane was converted into a restaurant until it was bought in 2007 when it was converted into a hotel.
Union Station in Indianapolis, USA
Crowne Plaza in Indianapolis offers a unique experience at the Union Pacific Railroad where guests can book any of the 26 sleeper car rooms. Each of the Pullman train cars can house two travelers who will enjoy interiors inspired by famous personalities of the 1900s like Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Jean Harlow, and Cole Porter.
The tracks by the way are still active, so you will be felling some mild rumbling when trains pass by which adds to the unique hotel experience. They also have fiber glass figures serving as ghosts that haunts the premises.
Snowdonia Manor in Gwynned, United Kingdom
The Snowdonia Manor is place rich in folklore and history located in the heart of Snowdonia National Park. It is actually one of the oldest houses in the UK dating back to the early 15th century and until the 1960s, you can only get there by train or by foot. Today you can reach it via a road going through ancient woodlands but people still prefer the train.
The property was restored back in the 1960s by a certain Colonel Campbell. He was the one who paved the way for the construction of the railway in Ffestiniog Mountain. From the platform of the house, you can literally stick your arm out and a steam train will go slow and stop. It is also an excellent vantage point to do some train watching since the lines can still get pretty busy during August.