Monday, August 15, 2011


Arriving to the crystal clear waters of SXM

So much to do, so little time. If I only had the time to show you and tell you all about everything we've been up to in this past month that would be nice but time doesn't allow me at the moment, therefore all these ultra short posts. Anyhow, we are in St Marteen and have started with the work on our new boat. She's up on the hard at the yard and we are going through everything that has to get done on this old lady, it's a serious amount of work I can assure you, I get sick only thinking of it all. Luckily I found a wifi here in the restaurant just next to the boat so I can escape the boat work every once in a while. I will show you pics of the beauty later on if that could be of interest.

On another note: I have understood that the picture of the sailfish we got the other day has disturbed some of you and yes I can understand that, sailfish are a beautiful fish which belongs to the sea, but in this particular case the poor thing was dead already when Alex reeled it close to the boat so we thought it would have been a waste to throw it back dead into the water. Instead it came to good use by a family we met at the dock in St Barts and they now probably have fish to eat for a whole month.

We have by the way received loads of questions/emails about a lot of things lately and although I don't have the time right now to personally answer them all, sorry for that, I promise to get back to you when it is a bit more quiet around here.

And the last thing that I had on my mind is the cake competition we announced for some weeks ago, the winners are ...... Richard Jagger and Eveline Dalin. Congrats to you both, cakes are on their way..