Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Venice to implement tourist tax to help city from rising waters

The city of Venice will be collecting taxes from tourists starting next month to help save their Italian city from the rising levels of seawater.

Starting August 24, travellers who will be checked-in in 5-star hotels will have an additionl 4.5 euros charged to their bill while those who will be staying in more affordable accommodations will be paying for lower tourist taxes following a set sliding scale of the fees.

The council of the city is hoping to generate millions which they can use to maintain Venice which is actually sinking literally in sea waters and mud.

The basic objective of the new tourist tax is to get contributions from travellers so Venice can preserve and sustain the unique city. Venice is being swamped by travellers with around 60,000 tourists per day while its population is less than sixty thousand.

Critics of the new tourist tax argue that travellers who want to avoid the extra fees may become day trippers instead of staying for a night or more which makes them to pay extra