Monday, September 5, 2011

Back in business

Bikini from Babajaan.

We took a weekend off from boat work, writing, the blog and everything else and instead we've been devouring the beauty of this island. I mean seriously, I don't think I could've ever imagined here to be so beautiful. The beaches, the ambiance, the water, aah, the water! It is way better than most other places we've seen thus far on the islands below in the Lesser Antilles. And all those amazing rocks by the shore, loving the change of view. This week has been all about surfing (yes me too), celebrating Alex's birthday, swimming, drinking Jagermeister with our crazy yacht broker and some other friends we've made, watching beautiful sun setting in the sea and salsa dancing, to top it all up in good style. Yeah we could definitely imagine to live here in the future, but you know how it is, we fall in love with every second place we sail to so no need to worry about us settling down in the nearest future. Happy to death though that this place is above all our expectations since we will spend quite some time here this fall. More about everything a bit later. Hope you all had a good weekend.