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Best of Romantic Honeymoon Vacation Packages

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Romantic Honeymoon
The initial days of married life are most sensitive and are also the most memorable days. Honeymooning far away at some secluded region gives just the right kick-start to one’s blissful married life; amidst quaint environs one can enjoy several romantic experiences.In the land so spectacular and diverse as India, one has aplenty of destinations to be picked for ideal romantic honeymoon vacation packages.

Honeymoon in Goa
As you plan your honeymoon the factors that cloud your mind are your fantasy land, your spouse’s preference, budget, climate and security, entertainment options and intimacy and more. All these factors are well taken care of in meticulously planned honeymoon vacation packages.

Now-a-days couples don’t hesitate in even trying out on adventurous routes on their honeymoon to add a little pinch of surprise. As a result the number of destinations for romantic honeymoon vacation packages has increased to great extent. Some of the finest routes for romantic honeymoon vacations are:

Romantic Honeymoon
Eclectic Goa: Goa is the ultimate party town and is renowned for its beauteous beaches, refreshing air, stunning cathedrals, buzzing nightlife and feisty carnivals. By all means it is the city of the fun-lovers and merry-makers; a visit to the town will let you lay on your back facing the azure sea most of the time. To have fun one can always head towards its friendly seaside cafes and bars where one can taste delicious sea-food while sipping their favorite drinks. Evening brings more colorful and electrifying symphonies at the local nightclubs and beach parties. A visit to Portuguese age churches and cathedrals and water sports at the peppy beaches completes the picture of Goa.

Romantic Honeymoon in Rajasthan
Rajasthan Splendor: The spectacular and ever so enchanting Rajasthan is the erstwhile princely province of India. Ruled by several high and mighty rulers of Rajputana and Mughal age, Rajasthan is ultimate romantic setting with its dream-like castles and age-old forts. The state is studded with architectural brilliance belonging to reign of different rulers. Udaipur in Rajasthan is the city of lakes whose banks are studded with stunning palaces. The palaces at the background create an enchanting backdrop while the princely charm and elegance at the heritage hotels add splendor to the entire setting.

Romantic Honeymoon in Shimla
Mystifying Shimla: Shimla is one of the most renowned destinations for romantic honeymoon vacations in India. The city was a summer capital during the British Raj for its mystifying natural splendor even delighted the British colonizers. The region is blessed with natural beauty and the stunning panorama is even brightened up with views of Himalayan ranges at a distance. The lush valleys and stunning skyline appears to be merging into one while pretty birds attract your attention with their cheerful chirping.
Shimla Romantic Honeymoon
However, Shimla tours have more to them as they open gates to world- class Victorian style architecture.

Pick your romantic honeymoon vacation packages wisely to be able to enjoy each moment of it. Further adding pinch of surprises and adventures add on to the richness of experience. One must work towards choosing the right destination to be able to have a journey of a lifetime.

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