Sunday, September 18, 2011

Devi Jagadambi Temple, Khajuraho

The Devi Jagadambi Temple is one of the oldest temple in Khajuraho (State: Madhya Pradesh). Belonging to Western Group of Temples it is smaller when compared to Lakshmana Temple, Vishwanath Temple and Kandaria Mahadeva Temple. It is built by the kings of dynasty in the middle of 11th century.

Carved beautifully it is on the same platform as Kandaria Mahadeva Temple. Smaller in size, it is much more delicately proportioned temple.

It is decorated with some of the finest sculptures in three bands around the temple. The carvings are exquisite.

The images of deities set into prominent places in the temple's exterior, so they were functioning as more than mere decoration.

There is a big sculpture of a warrior fighting with a lion bare handed at the entrance of the temple. This is the symbol of Chandela Dynasty.