Thursday, September 15, 2011


We get so many questions that we sometimes haven't had the chance/time to answer properly so I've added a new section up here at the top. That's where we'll fill up with answers to the most common questions we receive from you. Here's a few of the latest ones:

Hey, what's up with the new boat? You haven't showed any pics lately? Peter.

Will tell you all about it in a while...

First I want to give you all the credit in the world for hopping on a boat with Alex and starting the next chapter in your lives to tour the world. I enjoy your blog immensely while I sit in my cubical at work, dreaming to someday do what you are doing. I have to ask though. How do you and Alex manage to get a long as well as you do? Dating a sailor myself, and having hopes of doing what you two are doing someday, I'd love to know how you remain so devoted and patient with one another. Safe Travels through Hurricane Season! -Ali

Well, we don't get along so well all of the time. Most of the times perhaps, but as we both have quite some temperament and passion in our blood, it tend to spark around us quite often. I would be lying if I said we never wanted to kill each other. Thinking of it, I could almost say that we argue about something minor almost every day. Not big stuff of course, just a small argument that dissolves in a couple of minutes. There have also been moments (not very many thankfully) when I have wanted to jump off the boat in nearest harbor and take a flight back home to Europe and there have been times when Alex nearly have dumped me overboard of frustration but we still hang in there. We are both strong believers of that a good fight is good and refreshing for every relationship every once in a while, as long as you still are willing to work towards the same goals in life. Both of us are also pretty good at "forgiving" each other and what could be seen as a major argument one second, can be turned into happy times and peace the next. But no, not even us who look to be so in love are always getting along and I don't think it's a bad thing at all. I could tell you a story about the time when I jumped off the boat, naked, in the middle of the night in a peaceful anchorage, just to get rid of the never-ending conversation we had started, but I'll save that for another time... It's a great challenge we've got here, after all. To be with only one person for such an extended time. And I believe that you will have to be really convinced and in peace with what you're about to execute and who you're doing it with, to be able to take on such a life changing project with another person.

Hello Alex & Taru!
We have stumbled across your blog and love it; we now follow all of your new posts and it's great to see what other cruisers are doing.... I was wondering how you were able to get sponsored? If you have any advice or method, way of approaching companies that worked for you (..) I would love to hear about it. We have a blog started and a site still in the works but are reaching out to friends for help and advice... Also, did you both have a lot of sailing experience before embarking? Well, below is our site, please check it out. We are also on facebook; let's keep in touch! Thanks in advance for your response! Best wishes, Lindsay & Matthew

Hi Lindsay and Matthew, thank you for your email and I apologize for the late reply. We get a lot of emails regarding sponsoring and I regret that I haven't replied to these questions earlier. Simply put, which can be applied on any project/business idea: Find your way to go, create a clear vision of what you will do, how to achieve it, what way to go. Make sure to be unique in some way, do not be only a copy of everyone else, find something that makes you stand out from the rest. Companies and brands are always looking for new ways to market their products and will most probably not choose you as partner if your project is just like everyone else. You also need to believe in your ideas, treat your project like a baby, work hard on it and prove that you take this serious. Because it is not before you self believe in your ideas to the max that you can convince others to do so too. You must also almost certainly be able to guarantee that you will bring new clients, more publicity to the company, that your idea will generate something for the brand that will sponsor you. With a blog, your weekly/monthly traffic is important to mention. The more readers you got, the greater the chance to be interesting for the company you approach. If the larger, more commercial brands doesn't reply on your inquiry or doesn't show interest in your ideas, try the smaller ones in the same field. Perhaps you can find companies that are brand new, new businesses are always looking for getting their products out on the market and those are often great to approach. When you have everything clear, send the company an email, tell them who you are, what you're about to do. Tell them why you'd like to get sponsored by their brand and what they could gain from sponsoring your project. Make it simple but clear. Shorten the email to the most relevant and add a link to your website. If you already have some other sponsors you should mention these too, the first one is always a bit tricky but as soon as you have a reference, it should get easier. I could go on forever about this but these are the basics I believe. Good luck with your plans and travels!

Your second question about sailing experience: Alex has been sailing all his life, he's been racing when he was younger and he is an extremely accomplished and experienced sailor from who I myself have learnt everything I know about sailing. I didn't know anything before I met him for two years ago but Alex brought me out to the sea quite immediately after we met. We have now sailed more than 10.000 nautical miles together during these past two years and we both look very much forward to continue our travels for many years to come.  

More FAQ's coming soon.... you can find some of the other most common questions here.