Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just a little postcard..

It is so beautiful here it hurt my eyes. Also very empty due to the slow season and we have the whole bay to ourselves. Very comfortable and pleasurable to sail at this time of the year when it feels like the whole world belongs to you and only you.

Thank you all for commenting on the last post btw, we love hearing from you and getting to know you some more. We have already understood from our Facebook page and the numerous emails we receive each month that we have tons of interesting people following us from a wide variety of backgrounds, countries, cultures and lives and it is always kind of intriguing to get to know more about you. Keep on commenting, your comments and emails are what makes us enjoy sharing all this beauty with you all even more. If I haven't said it lately: thank you for following our journey and for all the praise and love you sent our way during these 1,5 years (almost 2 now) that we've been sharing a great part of our life at sea with you. Hope you'll stick around for many more years, for us it almost feels like we barely have started the fun yet. So much to look forward to in the horizon..