Sunday, September 25, 2011

Krishna Mandapam, Mahabalipuram

Krishna Mandapam at Mahabalipuram is one of the interesting place. This is a cave temple.

It has a huge bas-relief carved out of a single rock. This carving is done some time in the middle of 7th century.

In Hindu culture, cows have great importance, and their association with Krishna during his life among the milkmaids. A calf is kept beside the cow to encourage her milk production, a practice which has been followed in most parts of the World.

The carvings on the panel depicts one of the stories of Lord Krishna. It mainly has the story of Krishna Govardhana, in which Krishna lifts up the mountain to shelter his followers from a storm.

There is also a cow at the top in one of the corner, overlooking the entire scene. This can be seen in the first image at the top.

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