Monday, September 5, 2011

Mara Unduk Theme Song

The IFI Vocal Ensemble

It was the theme song of Mara Unduk. "Marinduque Akin Ka", first sang as a duet by Ian Venida (he later joined "Miss Saigon"), and a boy soprano from Marinduque National High School whose name escapes me now, was composed by this blogger in 1992.

A couple of years ago, it was made the contest piece for Hapit Himigan, a choral competition organized by the provincial capitol and was participated in by the IFI Vocal Ensemble of the Parish of St. Joseph (Gasan), Reunited Choir of the Marinduque National High School-Boac North District (Boac), Live Echoes Choir of St. Mary's College of Marinduque (Boac), Mogpog Municipal Chorale (Mogpog) and TORMEA Choir (Torijos).

IFI Vocal Ensemble won the said contest. Shown in this video is one of their performances in Gasan after winning the competition. Members of the choir are students, government employees, teachers, stevedores and tambays, according to musical director Mark Del Monte Reginio.

The first song is Marinduque Akin Ka, followed by Reginio's own composition, the happy song, Tayo na sa Marinduque.

Video by markjoebertmark.

"Marinduque Akin Ka"
Titik at Musika: Eli J. Obligacion

Isang paraiso sa gitna ng dagat
Ay muling nabuhay
Sa aking pangarap ngayon
Kahapo'y di mawaglit sa aking isip
Ngayo'y buhay ka't di na panaginip.

Marinduque akin ka
Puso mo'y puso ko
Awit mo'y awit ko di ba
At ngayo'y magkayakap
ang ating damdami'y iisa.

Isang paraiso, ilaw sa karimlan
Batis ng pag-asa
Bayan ma'y sadlak sa dusa
Kahapon mo'y may pait, luha at sakit
Ngayo'y nagising diwa'y nagupiling.

Marinduque gising na/akin ka
Puso mo'y puso ko
Awit mo'y awit ko di ba/di baga
At ngayo'y magkayakap
Ang ating damdami'y iisa.

(Repeat Koro)

Ang ating damdami'y iisa
Marinduque akin ka.