Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday thoughts

Some things that makes me smile this Tuesday morning: 

* Will finally meet my sister in next week down South.

* We've recently finished a couple of smaller projects and I've finalized a few articles.

* Several friends from Europe are planned to come and visit us here later this year.

* Our friends Camilla and Adam have decided to become full-time sailors/live aboards and are now selling their gorgeous flat in Sweden to continue their adventures around the world by boat. Love when people act on their dreams of making something different. Particularly when it's about moving from land to the sea.

* My fellow blogger/cruising friend Brittany is having an addition to the family with her Scott. There's a little sailor baby in the making. Exciting changes ahead. Almost can't wait for the day when we get our own one/s.

* Both Alex and me are healthy (except for the fact that we've been eating/drinking way too much lately). We're pretty content with what we have achieved thus far. We got loads of plans and projects for the future and we are more or less free to do whatever we want with our life. I keep reminding myself of the fact that this life is ours. We are free to envision life as large as we dare and create whatever we wish as long as we have the physical possibility to do so. Isn't that grand when you think about it? Everything is possible. All you need is passion, faith, will power, a bit of planning and good determination.